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quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2010

Cheese bread

As I mentioned, the cheese bread are famous here and people from different cultures like them! So... attending some special requests, here is the recipe in English! Hope you all enjoy it!! :)

The Portuguese's version you can check clicking here.

Cheese bread


400 gr of Tapioka Mehl (You can find it at the Ásia Market)
200 gr of grated cheese (Gratin-käse)
2 eggs
1 spun (soup) of salt
75 ml of milk
75 ml or water
75 ml de oil (Olive oil if you like the flavor or other normal one)

How to Prepare:

In a pot, boil the milk, the water and the oil together. In another one, add the Tapioka Mehl and the salt. Add the hot liquids to the flavor and mix as better you can with a spun and, as soon as you can stand the temperature, with your hands, until get a very uniform doll. Than, add the eggs – one by one – mixing with your hands and add the cheese, trying to obtain uniform moisture. Let the doll quite for 15 min.

Turn on the oven (180 Celsius). Put a bit of oil in your hands to avoid the doll sticking in your fingers and start to make the cheese bread’s balls with three to five centimeters of diameter. Organize it in a mold (you can oiled it a bit before) observing a distance among the balls (2 cm is enough, normally). Put them on the oven for 10 to 15 min or for the necessary time to get golden. Enjoy!!!

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